React Developer (Experienced)

Job description

We are looking for experienced React developers for frontend development tasks. You will develop our next generation admin platform, as well as components and features for our core websites.

  • Writing high quality, reusable, „clean” code
  • Writing tests
  • System designing
  • Recognizing and fixing architecture related issues, performance optimization
  • Frontend performance optimization

What we offer

  • Experience and performance-based salary
  • Bonus system
  • Travel voucher and paid extra leave (if company-level annual targets are met)
  • Challenging and interesting problems to solve
  • Full time employment
  • We support home office and remote work
  • Quiet & convenient work environment
  • High performance DELL and HP workstations with 2 or more monitors
  • Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, BitBucket) and JetBrains based software stack
  • In-house workshops and English courses
  • Traveling opportunities (mainly US)

Job requirements

General software developer skills

  • Algorithmic complexity, basic algorithms
  • Memory management fundamentals (heap, stack)
  • Exception handling
  • Clean code concepts

Object oriented programming

  • OOP fundamentals, polymorphism, abstraction
  • Design patterns: MVC, Dependency Injection, Adapter, Factory
  • SOLID concepts

Functional programming concepts

  • Immutability
  • Pure functions

Javascript knowledge

  • Variable declaration methods and differences (const, var, let)
  • Hoisting
  • Prototypes
  • Handling "this" (context, binding)
  • Usage is newer language constructs (arrow function, class, spread, rest)

React knowledge

  • "Props" and "state" - differences
  • Functional and classical components - differences
  • Controlled components
  • Lifecycle functions
  • Component (de)composition
  • Redux (or other) state management tool
  • Optimizing re-render

Required Soft Skills

  • Intermediate level English (written, spoken)
  • Good communication skills
  • Proactive, solution oriented approach
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • Openness to late afternoon/ evening work due to close collaboration with American colleagues (in this case, the employee starts later than the normal starting date)